Tekla Campus Is Now Open!

Tired of drawing beams and slabs manually? Bored with stick drawings in using 2D? Drained in manually estimating/calculating the concrete volume and drawing the bar bending schedule by hand?  Be hip! Save your time and energy.



Recently, Tekla Campus was launched by Tekla to open the doors for students who want to learn the basics of Tekla Structures BIM tools.


Tekla Campus is an online academy that gives you free admission to Tekla Structures Learning edition. It also comes with video tutorials and a free pass at the Tekla Campus discussion forum where you can ask questions, support, and express their thoughts with other students.


Tekla Structures Learning Edition is a free educational student license that has all the functionalities of Tekla Structures BIM software. Tekla grants registered Tekla Campus user a 4 month student license to use Tekla Structures Learning configuration and Tekla Campus web service for educational purposes. Tekla Structures Learning license limits the usage of Tekla Structures Learning into one concurrent online session at a time. For occasional offline use, Tekla Structures Learning works without active internet connection for 24 hours at a time.


You can model, build, and draw for self-learning, school projects and course work with this free and downloadable version. The installation package contains a ready-to-run 32-bit test version of the software with the default settings. With all the functions available for you to utilize, you’ll be equipped in no time!


How to download the Tekla Structures Learning Edition? Register at Tekla Campus by creating a Tekla account at www.campus.tekla.com Tekla Campus user account acts as license key for Tekla Structures Learning configuration.


Learning Tekla Structures will surely give you a boost in your career and an advantage in your resume.  And with Tekla Campus giving you a free admission, you’ll be chosen and be sought after by big companies in a flash!