2013 Cebu Tekla User Day and Technical Meeting

“Tekla really is the best software package for steel detailing and design…”– Mr. James Francis Brennan II, Chairman and President of Triton Tek, Inc.


A successful event was held at the Hotel Elizabeth, Cebu City last Tuesday, May 07. It was to officially launch Tekla Structures’ Version 19 at Cebu City. It was the first time for VTS to hold such event in Cebu. It was attended by our loyal customers and some guest companies in the construction business. The event started with the usual easing up the guests with some ice breakers followed by the revelation of the company’s new name, headed by the Managing Director, Engr. Romeo Francisco.


He publicized once again the establishment’s change of name from HSD Computers Private Limited Company to Vibrant Technology Solutions Company. The first launching was at Luxent Hotel, Quezon City which was a successful event, attended by more than a hundred guests.


Engr. Erwin Mangubat illustrated about the changes in the configurations afterwards, he then also announced the new Tekla Structures Primary, which benefits those companies who are fixated into small and medium scale projects.


Subsequently, the newer version of Tekla Structures was launched after the coffee break with the 2013 theme “Change the Story.” Engr. Jayson Pugat, shared insights on how Tekla Structures are going forward in terms of Cast-In-Place functionalities.


You can now Model, Plan and Pour with the new Tekla Structures Version 19 pour functionalities for Cast-In-Place Concrete. You can now have a 3D model where you can plan your pour schedule ahead and then visually see the actual pour progress on the site. A short forum was held after the discussion for the benefit of the users and guests.


To continue to engage the audience, Mr. James Francis Brennan II, Chairman and President of Triton Tek Inc., shared their company’s experiences with Tekla Structures. They have been using Tekla for almost 7 years and since then, they have become more flexible and accurate with their projects, making their market opportunities grow. They’re using Tekla Structures for the reason that fabricators, nowadays, require more than just 2D drawings, and with the said software their checking has been reduced, flexibility has increased, and productivity has multiplied.


“BIM is a business process supported by technology…”

A line from Mr. Vincent Chia, Director of Business Development Building & Construction at Tekla South East Asia, who gave a motivating talk regarding BIM. He discussed that with our global world today we have to cope-up with the rapid change and the fast growing industry. And we, too, in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry, have to step up our game and that’s where BIM and Tekla Structures come in.


The morning event ended with the launching of the car raffle promo for those who will purchase the new version of Tekla Structures. They have a chance to take home a brand new Mitsubishi Mirage that will be drawn on October 30, 2013.  And as usual a short raffle was held before the event ended, Mr. Jessie Young from Hispeed Construction won an Apple Ipad Mini.  


A quote from Mr. Henry Ford was mentioned by Mr. Vincent Chia,


“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

Definitely, everyone will move forward with Tekla Structures, as they progress and modernize the world of engineering.


In the afternoon, the first Tekla User Technical Meeting in Cebu happened spearheaded by VTS Technical Support Team. It was attended by our existing customers in Cebu who are directly using the software. It was a very interactive and informative event. Everybody went home bringing with them a new learning on how to maximize their use of Tekla Structures.