The Rise of the Vibrant Technology Solutions Company

“Tekla Structures is changing their story, we, too, are changing our history...” – Engr. Romeo Francisco

An immense line from the managing director of the newly launched Vibrant Technology Solutions Company which was formerly called HSD Computers Private Limited Company.


Last Friday, April 19, a vibrant event was held at the Luxent Hotel at Timog Avenue, Quezon City. It was a triple celebration; 2013 Tekla User Day, Launching of Tekla Structures’ Version 19, and the launching of the company’s new name.


The event started at nine o’clock in the morning with some of the loyal customers of the company, sharing their experiences with Tekla Structures, how Tekla Structures made their jobs easier, time & cost saver, and hassle-free. Some even revealed how they have been phoning and emailing the company’s technical support team almost every day, raising issues and problems.  And yet they were all very thankful for the technical support team because despite their relentless questions and queries, they never fail to answer back.


Subsequently, the newest version of Tekla Structures was launched in the afternoon with the 2013 theme “Change the Story.”


Minna Arola, Product Delivery Consultant at Tekla Corporation, shared insights on how Tekla Structures are going forward in terms of Cast-In-Place functionalities.


You can now Model, Plan and Pour with the new Tekla Structures Version 19 pour functionalities for Cast-In-Place Concrete. You can now have a 3D model where you can plan your pour schedule ahead and then visually see the actual pour progress on the site. A short forum was held after the discussion for the benefit of the users and guests.


The launching of the new company name followed the forum; a video clip of the history of the company was shown as an introduction, showing clips of how the company started, where it started, who started it, their company outings, their team building seminars, and their other events. It was followed by a short tale from the managing director as to cue the laser light show by the Argon Animation which was headed by Mr. Tim Bennett.

The laser light show was a presentation to highlight the change of the company, from HSD Computers Private Limited Company to Vibrant Technology Solutions Company. And with the use of the strobe lights and sound effects, it was indeed a vibrant experience for everyone and a vibrant transition for the employees of the said company.


And with the rise of the new business, one of the sales manager announced that a new car will be raffled off for those who will purchase the new version of Tekla Structures. The lucky winner will take home a brand new Mitsubishi Mirage that will be drawn on October 30, 2013.


The event concluded with a raffle of an Apple Ipad Mini and a Samsung Galaxy Tab for the company’s loyal customers and guests.


With the Vibrant Technology Solutions Company’s tagline “Channeling Opportunities”, change of history is indeed to happen.